pygrafix.sprite — Fast sprites

This module gives you fast sprites that can be moved, rotated, scaled and colored.

class pygrafix.sprite.Sprite(texture)

Creates a new sprite with the texture texture. This is the core rendering functionality of pygrafix. A sprite can be moved, rotated (around a point within the sprite), scaled (with different scales for x and y), flipped and colored. All of this only affects the sprite, not the texture that it uses. Multiple sprites can be created off of one texture.


The horizontal position of the sprite.


The vertical position of the sprite.


A property which can be used for reading/modifying x and y at the same time. For example:

>>> print(sprite.x, sprite.y, sprite.position)
5, 10, (5, 10)
>>> sprite.position = (60, 7)
>>> print(sprite.x, sprite.y, sprite.position)
60, 7, (60, 7)

The horizontal position of the sprites’ anchor.


The vertical position of the sprites’ anchor.


A shorthand for assigning to anchor_x and anchor_y at the same time.

The anchor of a sprite is used to determine how to place a sprite, even when scaled and rotated. The anchor of a sprite also rotates and scales with the sprite. Finally when a sprite is rendered pygrafix makes sure that the anchor point of the sprite always lies on the sprites’ position.


The rotation of the sprite. The sprite will be rotated around the anchor.


Shorthand for sprite.texture.width. Read-only.


Shorthand for sprite.texture.height. Read-only.


Shorthand for (sprite.width, sprite.height). Read-only.

draw([scale_smoothing[, edge_smoothing[, blending]]])

Draws the sprite as defined by it’s properties. scale_smoothing is a boolean indicating whether the sprite should be drawn nicely smoothed when scaled or pixelated. blending can be any of “add”, “multiply” and “mix”, or None to disable blending.

pygrafix.sprite.draw_batch(sprites[, preserve_order[, scale_smoothing[, edge_smoothing[, blending]]]])

Draws a list of sprites in one go. This is the main rendering function of pygrafix, and depending on the application this function will do the most work. This function draws each sprite in sprite with the attributes scale_smoothing, edge_smoothing and blending as describute in Sprite.draw().

This function is the most efficient when a lot of sprites use the same InternalTexture and sprites with the same texture are grouped together. By default no particular order of drawing is guaranteed by this function, for speed purposes sprites are sorted on texture. If you absolutely need a specific order of drawing, pass True to preserve_order (by default it’s False) or consider slicing up your drawing in smaller batches.

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